About auras

Have you ever guessed what a friend was thinking before they said the words? Or, immediately bristled with a bad vibe from someone, but couldn’t quite explain why? You’re (probably) not a mind reader—but you are an aura reader. Everywhere we go, we perceive other people’s energy on the auric field.

To put it simply, an aura is a vibrant ray of color composed of energy that flows around living things. Stemming from the Greek word for “breeze,” our auras indicate our moods, emotions, and overall vibe.

Essentially, before we can even exchange hellos, our auras make the first impression for us. But there’s a caveat: The human eye cannot see auras without training. This is why we have to retrain the way we look at things to allow ourselves to see our own outer light.

It’s worth the work. Once you can see auras, you may be able to understand yourself and others better. For believers, auras are a portal to a more mystical realm, and are evidence of a psychic nature that we cannot communicate or express.

I contend that by learning to read auras and understanding their colors and meanings, you can fine-tune your intuition. You’re already communicating telepathically with others through the auric field. Through seeing auras, you can gain clarity as to why some people give you icky vibes and why you feel positive around others. Here’s where to start.

*Source Credited to Oprah Daily: link to source