Aura anomalies

STREAKS – BEAMS – CHANNELS – RAYS OF LIGHT / If rays of light show up in your portrait – most often white – this can indicate that you are in a directly connected state to source energy, the universe, spirit, the divine, etc. and represent being in a guided, channeled state. You are in a state of consciousness where you are tapped in and open to receiving messages, downloads, signs and needed energies from other beings, frequencies, dimensions, or realms.

Via Jospeh Ostrom* – “These bars of light are helping energy coming from an external source. They enter from outside the aura and feed chakras that are in need of various kinds of energy. These energies or ‘rays’ can come from several sources. They are sent (consciously or unconsciously) from friends, teachers, mates or other people who care about us. They can also come from entities that exist on other vibrational levels. Finally they can be sent from beings that we have known in this or other lifetimes, beings that have since passed out of the physical realm at death.”

ORBS & GUIDE ENERGIES / When orbs of light appear in portraits ( example 1 / example 2 / example 3 ) they can represent protective or spiritual energy that is with you aka guide energies. While the color meanings of orbs are a bit mysterious and esoteric, these online resources may be helpful for those seeking insight. In my personal experience, most singular orbs always show up in the same spot in photographs ( upper left corner / over the right shoulder ) which can possibly be explained by this video Guy Coggins recorded. In general, orbs do not appear over or near our bodies, over our chests or throats – only surrounding us in the consciousness area of our auric field.

Via Jospeh Ostrom* – “These concentric spheres of light are positive entity energies which have been given permission by the host being to enter it’s aura for the purpose of supplying needed external energies. As with the rays, this permission is usually given on the unconscious level but can also be given on the conscious level, a in the case of prayer. Guide energies usually display very little personality. Most of them seem to be more of a process that a personality. Sometimes, however, a guide energy will provide a tremendous show. Once, one exploded into a beautiful shimmering silver starburst; others have flip-flopped all over the aura in the shape of tear drops chasing after their tails.”

WHEN YOUR PHOTO LOOKS DARK OR IF YOUR COLORS ARE SEE THROUGH / When you are feeling burnt out, exhausted or sick, it’s very likely that your aura colors will not be as bright or as saturated, and the photograph will look dark which is just the black background. There is not such thing as a black aura – this is just lack of energy. Colors will be muted or see through, which indicates energy depletion. Please see this example.

*Source Credited to Aura Aura: link to source